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To know the latest scientific discoveries about Haowa please follow the link: Mitochondrian Eve .

Allah collected some amount of clay from the earth and made a figure out of it that looked very different from the angels and Jinn. Allah then blew into the human being His Holy Spirit and all of a sudden, as if in a flash, the figure was alive, moving and talking and smiling. It looked very handsome and elegant. It had a face and two hands and two legs. On its face it had two eyes, a mouth and a nose. It looked exactly as we are now. Allah gave his name Adam ('Adam' means clay or earth).

Later on Allah taught Adam the names of all things. Then He placed those things before the angels, and said: "Tell me the names of these if you are right?" They could not tell as they did not know the names of all these, instead they said: "All glory belongs to You of knowledge. We have none except what you have taught us. In truth it is You, Who are perfect in knowledge and wisdom". Allah said "O Adam! tell them their names". When Adam had told the names of all things placed before the angels, Allah said to the angels: "Did I not tell you that I know the secrets of heaven and earth and I know what you reveal and what you conceal?" The angels were silent. Then Allah said to the angels:"Bow down to Adam" and they bowed down, but there was another, a creature from the Jinn (whose name was Aazazil, and as mentioned earlier who achieved high distinction among the angels) who refused to bow down to Adam. Allah said to him: "O Iblees! what prevents you from prostrating yourself to one whom I created with my own hand? Are you haughty or are you one of the high and mighty ones?" ("Iblees" means he who shows desperateness or rebellion). Actually, Iblees, the devil had no respect for Adam and he did not like him from the start. Iblees said rudely: "I am better than him; You created me from fire, but You have created him out of clay". Allah, the Almighty, became very angry with Iblees for his proud comment and said: "Get out of here; for you are rejected, accursed".

Iblees then said: "O my Lord! Give me the respite till the Day the dead are raised". ("Respite" means the power to put men in the wrong and to let them follow Iblees).

Then Allah said: "Have respite with those who have been given it". Iblees said: " All right! since You are going to throw me out of Paradise because of Adam, I will give him and his children the hardest time they will ever have. By the power You have given me, I shall show them all the evil and wicked things so that they may become corrupt and weak and destroy themselves by their own actions."

Allah said, " I shall give Adam and his children minds in their heads so that they may know the good things from the bad ones. Any of them who may follow you, will only be sorry and will have nobody but themselves to blame. But you should never be able to reach the hearts of those who are faithful to Me, and who are pious and good hearted."

Iblees was thrown out and Adam was enjoying himself in the paradise with all its wonders. Adam was the only human being in the paradise at that time, so he was walking and eating all by himself most of the time. He felt quite lonely sometimes. Allah could see that Adam was lonely and almost unhappy living by himself and so was very sympathetic towards him. Allah wished to create from Adam, a friend for Adam who will give him company.

Oneday, when Adam woke up from his sleep, he saw next to him another human being. Adam had never seen this one before and, although like him in appearance, she was somehow different. She looked pretty and shy and had the most beautiful eyes and long hair. Adam looked in amazement at the creature. "Who are you?" he asked, "and What is your name?" "I am a human being and a woman", she answered in a sweet, soft voice, "but I don't know my name". Adam was so happy and excited that his new companion could talk and move as he could, and he felt sure that they would make very good companions together.

He called the angels and introduced his new friend to them. When the angels came and started looking at Adam's friend in surprise, he was very proud to tell them all about her. They said, "Adam, you know the names of so many creatures, tell us the name of this one?" Adam said happily, "This is a female human being and I am going to call her Haowa, and she is going to be my friend". ('Haowa' means who is created from "Hai-uu" a living being i.e. Adam).

Allah said: "O Adam! live in the garden, you and your wife, and eat the beautiful things in it as you wish. But do not approach this tree (pointing at a particular tree) or you will run into harm and transgression".

Adam and Haowa did not really mind not eating from that tree and they said that they would not. They knew that they could eat from all the other trees and that would be more than enough for them to enjoy.

Anyway, they thought no more about it and they went on amusing and enjoying themselves in the paradise. There was absolutely nothing for them to fear or worry about. They had all they wanted to hand and they knew that they were the most intelligent of all the creatures that were living with them. What could possibly go wrong for them?

Now Iblees, the devil did not like Adam and Haowa and he was still planning to sneak back into the paradise and try to do something wicked to them. Allah had already warned Adam of Iblees and his intentions. Allah had said: "O Adam! surely Iblees is an enemy to you and your wife. So let him not get you both out of the Garden, so that you are landed in misery". Adam and his wife listened carefully and kept their eyes and ears open for Iblees. However, Iblees was very busy trying to enter the paradise and take revenge on Adam. He wanted to reveal Adam and Haowa's shame that was hidden from them.

Oneday Iblees managed to sneak into the paradise and met Adam. While they were talking, Iblees said, "Do you know that you are going to die one day?" Adam said in surprise, "What is that? What do you mean?" for Adam did not know the meaning of death."You will lose your life! You won't be able to move or breathe or talk or see or hear or do any of the things that you can do now " said Iblees.

Adam was not only astonished that something like this could happen to him, but he was actually terrified. What would happen to Haowa if he were to die? What if she died before him? He would be so miserable and lonely again. Oh! why did Iblees have to come and say that to him now?

Iblees the Satan could see that he got Adam worried, so he whispered evil to Adam, "Shall I lead you to the tree of Eternity and to the kingdom that never decays? So saying he pointed to the tree from which Allah had ordered Adam and Haowa not to eat. Adam was shocked and walked away from Iblees. He could not allow himself to disobey Allah's order!

But Iblees did not give up and kept going to Adam and telling him about the tree and Adam would tell him to go away. The days went by and Iblees kept pestering Adam and trying to get him eat from the tree. He said to Adam one day, "You know your Lord only forbade you to eat from the tree so that you do not become angels or such beings as live for ever". Adam did not take any notice of him and went about his business. But Iblees continued: "Believe me Adam, I know the truth, I am only trying to help you because I wish to do good to you. Don't you believe me yet? O.K. I swear by Allah that waht I am telling you is true".

Adam and Haowa, who was also there at that time and knew what had been going on between Adam and Iblees, looked at each other and thought that no one, not even Iblees, could dare to swear by the name of Allah if he were not telling the truth. They believed this time and decided to eat from the tree.

Iblees was very happy inside, and he was waiting for them to eat the fruit. Adam and Haowa walked towards the tree and looked up at the fruits hanging from its branches. They plucked and began to eat them. They were busy eating, but their clothes came off and they soon realised that they were both absolutely naked. Iblees who was watching and laughing happily, was almost made with joy. He was jumping and dancing while Adam and Haowa looked at each other inshock and astonishment. They were both very shy seeing their nakedness, as they had never done so before. Therefore, they began to sew together leaves from the garden to cover their nakedness. This is how Adam disobeyed His Lord, and allowed himself to be seduced.

Then Allah said to them: "Did I not forbid you that tree, and tell you that Iblees, the Satan was an avowed Enemy to you?" They said: "Our Lord! We have wronged our own souls: If you do not forgive us and do not bestow us your mercy, we shall certainly be lost". But his Lord chose Adam for His grace. He turned to Adam and gave him guidance. Allah is the most merciful!

Allah called Iblees, Adam and Haowa and told them that He was going to take them out of the Paradise and send them to a planet called earth where they have to live.

This is the earth where Adam and Haowa were sent.

Allah also said to Adam and Haowa: "I forgive you for this time and I am going to give you another chance but it is not going to be easy. You will go and live on earth where you will stay for some time. You will have children and build cities and nations and cultivate the land to produce food for yourselves and your children".

" I will send you guidance and prophets and messengers to teach and show you and your children the right way, but there will also be Iblees who has taken it upon himself to deceive and harm you and destroy you if he can. So you have to be careful, but if you call on Me, I will help you as long as you follow my guidance and remain faithful and obedient to Me. I will reward those who obey, and punish all those who follow Iblees, the Satan and disobey Me and my Prophets and Messengers ".

To know the latest scientific discoveries about Haowa please follow the link: Mitochondrian Eve .