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!! Dooms Day on the 5th of May 2000 !!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

(Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon you)!

The people of Bangladesh are panicked by the news that the Dooms Day will commence on the 5th of May 2000. They somehow came to learn that on this day the sun and the other planets of the solar system will come on a straight line on the opposite side of the earth. This will cause the earth to derail from its axis and the universe is going to be destroyed. They have got panicked and have started praying to Allah/God.

It is very sad to learn that people of Bangladesh think that the "Dooms Day" is imminent on the 5th of May 2000. As a Muslim one should not believe so. This reflects that people are not aware of their religious knowledge.

According to the Islamic sources of knowledge (Qur'an and Hadith i.e. sayings of the last Messenger of Allah) the following things are to come before the Doom's Day:

1. There will be a war in Indo-Pak subcontinent between the Hindus of India and the Muslims.

(According to the prophecies of Hazrat Shah Neyamatullah an Islamic Sufi saint, who also foretold about this in 1158 A.D., said that the war will be between the Hindus and the Muslims of  Afganistan, Iran and the Southern Forces. First the Muslims will occupy the area closed to Punjab,perhaps, the Kashmir. It also says that India will then capture a historical city of the Muslims and commit genocide at such a scale that it would seem Karbala to the dwellers. The Government in the said Muslim country will be a friendly Government to India and will say nothing as it would have a confidential treaty with the Indian Government. And this will happen in between the short interval of the Ed-ul-Fitre and Ed-ul-Azha. However, the Muslims will get hold of destructive weapons and they will launch a counter attack after the Ed-ul-Azha in the month of Muharram and occupy the whole of India. A Hindu leadear with a six letter name starting with Gaf or 'G'will accept Islam and the Hindu traditions will no longer exist in the Indo-Pak Subcontinent. He says that the leader of the Muslims will be Usman or Usama.

!! My comments: It seems to me that if the prophecies come true, the said country would be Bangladesh, and the city may be Chittagong or Dinajpur. Also, during the time of this event, the Government, who is very frindly with India, will remain in power. I think time is imminent. It may be true that a Hindu leader who is knowledgeable in his religion, would know that his religion also foretold about the coming of the Prophet Muhammad.

Look at the following Sanskrit Sloakas:

'Ma' dau bartita Deva, 'Da'-Karante Prakirtiat, Brishanang Vakhwaet, Soda Veda Shastray Chasmrita-Saam Veda.

Meaning: The debota whose name starts with a 'Ma' and ends with a 'Da' and who re-estabishes the tradition of eating beef, According to the vedas he is the man who is highly adorable.


La Ilha Harti Papam
Illa Ilaha Param Padam
Janma Baikuntha Par Aup-inuti
Janpi Namo Muhammadam-Uttarayan Vedas

Meaning: There is no shelter but La Ilaha, and if one is born on earth, there is no alternative to get salvation from sin but to follow the path shown by Muhammad. !!

Shah Neyamatullah also continues: Parallely, a third world war will break out, which will be a "ray warfare". (Perhaps it would be between America, UK and its allies and China, German, Russuia on the other). The super power will be totally destroyed by the Hand of Allah. And Peace shall prevail in the Indo-Pak Subcontinent.

2. Sometime after the Jihad in Hindustan, a war will take place between the Muslims and the Jews in Israel or Palestine. The jews will gather to form their Greater Israel, which includes Medina, whole of Iraq, the oil bases of Quwait, Syria, part of Lebanan in addition to Palestine itself.

The leader of the Jews will be Dajjal and the leader of the Muslims will be Imam Mahdi. The Muslims will be gathering for the Morning paryer, and then Jesus (peace be upon him) will arrive on the minerate of the Mosqe in damascus. According to the Holy prophets sayings, he will come to slain Dajjal. Then there will be a fight between the Muslims and the Jews. Jesus (peace be upon him) will kill Dajjal and he will declare that his religion was Islam, and he was not son of God, he was not crucified, his greedy desciple Judas Iskiritas (who was a TAX collector) was crucified. And he will also declare that Muhammad was the last Messenger of Allah and that all the prophets in the past preached Islam starting from Adam to him to Muhammad. The people have distorted the religion for so many worldly reasons.

The only religion acceptable to Allah is Islam (meaning: Complete submission to the will of Allah). The whole world will accept Islam, everybody will become Muslims and the TAX on non-muslims will be abolished, as there will be none of them.

3. Jesus will get married, he will bear Children and live for 40 years and then he will die.

4. A long time after that Muslims will again forget the guidance of Islam and forget Allah.

5. When there will be no Muslims to remember Allah, He will prepare to destroy the world then. Oneday, the sun will rise from the west and from then on no Tauba or repentence will be accepted. Some 40 days later, the Angel Israfil will blow the trumpet and the world will be destroyed. Finally, Allah will remain alone.

6. Some time later, Allah will raise all of us again, conduct the trial, people will enter Hell or Paradise. Some completing their terms in the Hell will also be transferred to paradise later.

Thats the Truth for one, who believes.


Brother Muhammad Saifur Rahman