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Allah and Muhammd in Hindu Religion

From time immemorial, the minds of concious and incuisitive human beings have been pondering to know the unknown and be acquinted with the unacquinted. Many men, who devoted to acquire knowledge, have even sacrificed their dearest lives for the pursuit of knowledge. The adventure of understanding and unveiling the universal truth has not yet been stopped.  It is a matter of great joy that many scientific theories, discoveries and information of the modern age are making the solutions to the problems relating to the Creator (God), His creations and the moral and ethical values of life, much easier. However, to avoid the complexity of this problem, one should have an unbiased mind an neutral mentality. Otherwise, it would be very difficult on one hand to reach the intended goal, and on the other hand there would be every possibilty that the decision made by a biased person may contain error. To be able to correctly evaluate the thoughts and systems on moral and ethical values of human life, one has to leave the religious biasness and envy aside from the heart.

Many religions and religious leaders have emerged on this war-, battle-, and quarrel-trodden Earth. The intentions of these eligious leaders or founders were to eastablish peace, harmony and equality in the society. However, it is not correct to cite that all of them had mission, which is universal and good for all mankind. Because many of them had so much love for their own tribes or sects that the attempt of eastablishing universal peace, goodness and equity for all mankind has been much overshadowed by the seeking of his own good.

Although, thousands of isms and religions were born for the different ideologies of the religious leaders, there is no denying the fact that there is some Supreme being or Creator of the Universe. Many have accepted that Supreme Being as the Creater without even knowing and have directed and encouraged their followers to follow their foot-steps. Not only that, many of them have admitted spontaneously that the goodness of this life and the life hereafter lies in following the path directed by one great man, who would be the religios leader for all mankind. Now, it is obvious to raise the question as to who that Supreme Being of the Universe is and also who that accepted great man and religios leader is!

Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads are the sacred religious books of the people of Vedic religion (i.e. Hindu Religion). Let us see how these religious books have cited good examples by describing the oneness of God and accepting the best guidance by the last Prophet, the great human being 'MUHAMMAD' , who is the saviour of all mankind.

Sloakas from Rig Veda:

"Jonoh: Pita janita Shobidhata
Dhamaney Veda-Vubanani Biswa.
Jo Devanang Namadha ek ebotang
Samprashang Vubana jantrana."

Translation: He who is our sustainer, father and Creator, He who is the God of the Universe, exists everywhere. He is well aware of the whole creation in the universe. He is one and second to none. The earth asks about him.

Another sloakas from Rig Veda:

"Nottaba Aunnadiba Noparthiba
No jato no Janibbatey."

Translation: O Brahma! (i.e. Creator, God) nobody has ever born like you on earth or in Heavens. And surely will never be born.

Sloakas from Uttarayan Veda:

"Ekameba Ditiyam Brahma:
Swa-angbina Nasti Pujjayatey."

Translation: Brahma is one, who is second to none (i.e. Unique). There is no diety worthy of worship accept Him.

Sloakas from Vagabat Gita: 11:66:

"Sharba Dharma Paritejjaya Mamekang Sharan Braja:
Auhang twang Sharba-papoveya Makkhamiami Mashucha:"

Translation: Leaving every kind of religious worshiping (i.e. idol worshiping etc.), concentrate only in my remembrance and worship me alone. I will rescue you from every kind of sin. Have faith and do not grief.

Sloakas from Gita: 10:3:

"Jomam Janmanadincha Betti Lok Maheshshwaram.
Aushang Muddhra:sha Martteshu Sharba-papai Pramuchchatey."

Translation: Who considers Me as Eaternal, Free from Birth, and the only God of the Universe, he will be free from all kinds of sin in the human society.

Sloakas from Gita: 7:24:

"Aubbektang Bekti Mapannang Monnantey mam Budhaya:
Paran Vabam Janantey Mamabeyam Nuttamama."

Translation: Ignorant persons with a little knowledge consider me to be personified with Human Beings, Fish and Kurmadi (i.e. worship them as if they are like Me!)

Sloakas from Iyshapanishad:

"Shamarja Gandhakram Kaibrana: Masnabirang Shuddham Papa-biddham
Kabirmanishi PariVung Shaywamvu Jarjatatthaya Toharthan
Veda Dhachchha Shwatiba Shamavya:."

Translation: He is present everywhere and surrounded like a light, He is above holding a body. He is free from all sins and He is Perfect or Pure. He is the cotroller of the mind, which can see everything. He is the best and Self-existent. He is everlasting and immortal. Only He is adorable to everyone.

Sloakas from Allaupanishad:

"Hotermindra Hotermindra Mahashurindraiy:
Alla Jeyshthang Paramang Purnang Brhman Aullam
Aadalla Bukmekkam Alla Buk Nikhatkam Aulley Aullam."

Translation: The Supreme! The Most Exalted! The Most Powerful is HE. Alla is the best and the Greatest (or Highest). He is the Supreme, Complete and One without any Fault (Error etc.). He us Uncomparable. Alla is Comparable to Alla alone.

However, it is a matter of great pity that although there are verses concerning Allah and the Oneness of Allah in some parts of the Hindu religious boks like Vedas, Gita, Puranas etc., later some priests and ill-fated pundits have corrupted them with Dualism, Trinity, Naturalism, Pluralism and the 'ism of everything is God' and thus, have tried to plunge mankind into a great and grievious mistake. For example,

In Brhma-Baibarta Puran it has been written:

"Veda Shashtrartha Tattyagga Jatratatrassramey Basan
Iee Haiba Lokatishthashcha Brahmabhuai Kollotey."

Translation: He (any Brahmin), who knows the meaning and theory of the Vedas, becomes the Brahma (GOD) wherever he may be.

From Vedanta Darshan:

"Sharbang Khalwidang Brahma"

Translation: Everything in this world is God.

Also, from Gita:

"Bashudev: Sharba-mati"

Translation: It is the Basudeva (the earth), which is everything.

From Vagabat Purana:

"Krishnamena Mobehi Twang Antmannama Khilantmanam"

Translation: Consider Krishna (a person) as the Soul of the Creator. It is he, who is the Soul of the Universe.

Thus, the ism of 'Everything is God' has been proclaimed by many mantras (verses) of the religious books by declaring everything on earth as the incarnation of God. There are some verses in Vedas, which describes the Sun, Air, Rudra, Dawn, Indra, Rice, Fire etc. as Brahma or God. In fact, the rishis (some Hindu religious prophets) used to worship natural objects and power by looking at their strength and considering them as the manifestation of God. This is how they have accepted and admitted Pluralism or 'Many God-head' instead of Monoethism or Oneness of God, and thus have pushed their people towards a grievious mistake and anarchy.

However, many of the great Munis and rishis, who have written Vedas and Puranas have not stopped by merely proclaiming the glory of One God (Allah), and His Oneness and Sovreignty, they have also presented clear-cut indication of the coming of a Great Prophet, whose name would be MUHAMMAD and who will be the best guide of Mankind ever. For example-

Look at the following Sanskrit Sloakas from Sama Veda:

" 'Ma' dau bartita Deva, 'Da'-Karante Prakirtiat, Brishanang Vakhwaet, Soda Veda Shastray Chasmrita"

Meaning: The devota whose name starts with a 'Ma' and ends with a 'Da' and who re-estabishes the tradition of eating beef, According to the Vedas he is the man who is highly adorable.

(Translated by Mr. Abul Hossain Vattacharya, who was also a returning Muslim, and was a Brahmin by Cast from the Hindu religious denomination)

From Atharva Vedas: Meshudghaey ||1||:

"Idangjana Upasruta Norashan Sastya-bishwatey
Shashting Sahasra Nabatingcha Kauram Aarush"

Translation: O Mankind! Listen attentively, "The Praised One" will rise from among the people; We have discovered him among the sixty thousand enemiees.

Also, from the Atharva-Vedic Upanishad ||9||:

"Aushwa illaley Mitravaruna-Raja Tashmat-Tani Divyani
Punastang Dudhya Habaiyami Milang Kabar Illallang
Alla-rahsul Mahamad Rakang Baraswa
Alla Allam Illallotey Illalla"

Approximate Meaning: At an appropriate time, a Great man named MAHAMMAD will appear, whose abode will be in the desert (Arabia). He will be accompanied by his companions.

From Alla-Upanishad:

"Alla Mahamadkang Baraswa ... ... ... ... ... ... ..."

Translation: Accept Muhammad, the Prophet of Allah as an example to be followed.

Again in Uttarayan Vedas:

" La Ilha Harti Papam
Illa Ilaha Param Padam
Janma Baikuntha Par Aup-inuti
Janpi Namo Muhammadam "

Approximate Meaning:There is no shelter but "La Ilaha ... ... ... ..." to get rid of sin. The shelter of Ilah (Allah) is the actual shelter. If one is born on earth, there is no alternative to getting salvation from sin but to take shelter in Ilah (Allah). And for this, it is essential to follow the path shown by Muhammad.

Now, the translation of some verses from Chapter 12 of the Kalki-Purana are cited below.

'Jagatguru' will be born of 'Bishnuvagat' in the woumb of 'Sumati'.He will be born '2 hours after sunrise' on Monday, the 12th of 'Baishakh'. His father will die before his birth and his mother some time later after his birth. 'Jagatguru' will marry the princess of the 'Salmal' island. His uncle and three brothers will be present in his marriage ceremony. 'Pars-Ram' will teach him in a cave. When he will come to 'Sambala' from 'Salmal' island, to preach his teachings, his relatives will oppose him. He will be bound to migrate to the 'Northern Hills' to avoid the on-going torture and persecution. But after some time, he will return to 'Sambala' with 'sword in hand' and will 'conquer the whole land'. 'Jagatguru' will visit earth and the seven heavens riding on a 'horse' ".

Kalki-Purana is one of the principal sacred books of the Hindu Religion. In terms of seeking blessings, its place is after the Kuntap Sukt.The above verses of the Kalki-Purana clearly reflects the rise of Prophet Muhammad and some important incidents of his life. It will be clearer once the true meanings of the highlited words are unveiled.

Jagatguru: 'Jagatguru' means teacher of the world. The world prophet Hajrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the saviour of the humanity irrespective of nation, country or creed. The verse "I have sent you as the blessings of the World" of the holy Qur'an signifies the same meaning as 'Jagatguru'.

Bishnuvagat: In the language of Puranas, 'Bishnu' means the 'Creator' and 'Vagat' means the 'Servant'. Therefore, Bishnuvagat means the Servant of the Creator, and the arabic of this is "Abdullah". It is well known that the name of the World Prophet's father is "Abdullah".

Sumati: 'Su' means 'Peace' or 'Self-Satisfaction', the arabic of which is 'Aman'. 'Mati' means 'Soul' or 'Heart'. Therefore, the meaning of 'Sumati' stands 'Satisfied Heart', and the arabic of which is "Amina". Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) mother's name is Amina.

12th Baishakh, Monday: According to the Bikrami Calender of India, the month Baishakh is known as the month of Spring. The arabic of 'Spring' is 'Rabi'. We know that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born on Monday, the 12th of  Rabi-ul-Awual, the third month of the arabic calender.

2 Hours after Sunrise: If it is 2 hours after sunrise in India, the corresponding time in Arabia would be  2 hours and 40 minutes earlier (The lattitude of Arbia is 80 Degrees West and that of indi is 40 Degrees west: Therefore the time difference would be (80-40)x4=160 minutes). It is known that Muhammd (peace be upon him) was born at the early dawn, well before the sunrise in Mecca of Arabia ('Hijaj' was the then name of Arabia).

Salmal Island: In the Puranas of the Hindus the world has been divided into six parts. For example,
1. Jambu Island- India, Tibbet, Burma (i.e. Mayanmar) etc.
2. Shak Island- Europe
3. Karuncha Island- Beluchistan and Afganistan
4. Kaash Island- Africa
5. Shakli Island- Russia and China
6. Salmal Island- Arab and Asia Minor.

Pars-Ram: 'Ram' means Creator and 'Pars' means Axe, and sometimes it also means 'the Great'. Angel Gabriel is the highly dignified Angel of Allah (One True God), who used to deliver Allah's words or messages to the Prophets. The Message angel Gabriel brought to prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) from Allah was as sharp as an axe, which eliminated all the injustice and falsehood on earth. 'Pars-ram' thus refers to angel Gabriel, who is the axe-bearer of Allah.

Marriage: The first marriage of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was with Khadija, the daughter of the most famous and richest man in Arabia.Muhammad's uncle Abu Talib, and his three brothers Ali, Aakil and Jafar were present in his marriage ceremony.

Cave: Here the 'Cave' refers to the Cave of Mount 'Hera', where angle Gabriel appeared before Muhammd (peace be upon him) for the first time, and where Gabriel asked him to read- 'Ekra Bismi Rabbik-Allazi...' --Read in the name of your lord, Allah. This is the cave of Mount 'Hera'.

[Insert the image of Mount Hera here]

Sambala: The true meaning of this is not known. However, considering the events of Muhammad's (peace be upon him) life, it appears that the word Sambala refers to the city of Mecca.

The Northern Hills: It refers to the city of Medina (the early name was 'Yathrib'). The city of Medina is about 225 miles to the north of the city of Mecca. After being tortured by the tribe of Quraish, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) temporarily migrated to Medina to avoid further torture and persecution.

Sword in Hand: Prophet Muhammd (peace be upon him) and his followers gathered strength in Medina and they came with sword in hand to conquer Mecca. Here it referes to conquering the city of Mecca.

Conquer the whole land: After conquering the city of Mecca, the whole of Arbia was conquered by Prophet Muhammad and his later followers.

Horse: It refers to 'Burak', the carrier who took Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to the miraculouus night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and then to the seven heavens, and finally to the Creator of the Universe, 'Allah'. And then returned again to earth within a very short time. (The journey appears to be in a different time dimension and has not yet been explained properly with the present scientific knowledge). 'Burak' has a human like face and the rest resembles to a horse.

O Human Beings! O People!! apply your knowledge and conscience now. Please try to find out the truth and if convinced  return to Islam, for it is the Only Way of Life presecribed by Allah and therefore, the only religion acceptable to Allah in the Hereafter.

Brother Muhammad Saifur Rahman