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More Prophecies in Hindu Scriptures

The Vedas contain many prophecies about Prophet Muhammad. Some European and Hindu translators of the Vedas have removed the name referring to the Prophet, while others have tried to explain away the mantras (verses) on his life events, Ka’bah, Makkah, Medinah, Arabia, and other events using the terminology of the Hindus, such as purification rituals, and lands and rivers in India. Some mantras containing prophecies are inter-mixed with explanatory phrases, and it may be that these were commentaries and explanatory notes on the prophecies, which later became a part of the prophecy.

At first, an article by Brother Ismail Hossain Dinaji, who was a Hindu by religion before returning to Islam, will be presented here. He is a resident of the District of Dinajpur, BANGLADESH and is now servinmg as a Journalist of a National Daily in Ba1ngladesh. The following link is a translation of an article originally written in Bangla (Bengali: the national language spoken in Bangladesh). Please click on  Allah and Muhammad in Hindu Religion

Also, in the following account, many prophecies regarding the prophethood of Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) will be translated into English from Sanskrit. Several prophecies are found in Atharva Veda: (1) XX: 21, Mantras 6, 7, and 9, (2) XX: 137, Mantras 7 through 9, and (3) X: 2, Mantras 26, 27, 29, 30, and 32. Similarly, in Rig Veda, additional prophecies are found in: (1) VII: 96, Mantras 13 through 16, and (2) I: 53, Mantras 6 and 9. Finally, a prophecy is found in Sama Veda III: 10, Mantra 1. These are a sample of many prophecies. The serious reader may want to refer to scholarly work of Dr. A.H. Vidyarthi, entitled “Mohammad in World Scriptures,” 1990. This book explains the Hindu terminology used in the Mantras and the meaning and usage of certain words and phrases from within the Vedas and other Hindu Scriptures.

In the Bhavishya Puran, Prati Sarg Parv III:3,3,5-8 there is a clear prophecy which also gives the name of the awaited prophet. The English translation follows.

"A FOREIGN spiritual teacher will appear with HIS COMPANIONS. His name will be MUHAMMAD. Raja (Bhoj) after giving this Marv Dev Arab (of Angelic disposition) a bath in the "Panchgavy" and Ganges water (i.e. purging him of all sins) offered him the presents of his sincere devotion and showing him all reverence said, 'O Ye! THE PRIDE OF MANKIND THE DWELLER IN ARABIA, Ye have collected a GREAT FORCE to kill the Devil and you and yourself have been protected from the foreign opponents. O ye! The image of the most high God the biggest Lord, I am a slave to thee, accept me at thy feet' "

The prophecy above is crystal clear, and leaves no doubt who is the one mentioned. Another quotation from the Bhavishya Puran is given below.

"The people (Malechas) have spoilt the well known land of the Arabs. Arya Dharma is not to be found in that country. Before also there appeared a misguided friend whom I had killed; he has now again appeared being sent by a powerful enemy. To show these opponents the right path the well-known Muhammad, who has been given by me the epithet of Brahma, is busy in bringing the 'Pishachas' to the right path. O Raja! You need not go to the land of the foolish "Pishacaas, you will be purified through my kindness even where you are. At night, he of the angelic disposition, the clever man, in the guise of a Pishacha said to Raja Bhoj, "O Raja! Your Arya Dharma has been made to prevail over all religions, but according to the commandments of 'Ishwar Parmata', I shall enforce the strong creed of meateaters. My follower will be a man circumcised, without a tail (on his head) keeping beard, creating a revolution, announcing adzan (call for prayer), and will be eating all lawful things. He will eat all sorts of animals except swine. They will not seek purification from the holy shrubs, but will be purified through warfare. On account of their fighting the irreligious nations, they will be known as the Musalmans. I shall be the originator of the meat-eating religion".

The preceding prophecy is very straightforward, and admits to being a support for the Islamic faith. In the prophecy many signs of the prophet (p.b.u.h.) have been enumerated. Furthermore, it is stated, that the Indian Raja does not need to go into the land of Arabia, as the Musalmans (name still given to muslims in India and Pakistan) will arrive in India, hence India will be purified. Mahrishi Vyasa foretold that India being corrupted, will soon be dominated by the wise, good religion, emanating from the land of the 'Musalmans', whose laws will rule India, in the Bhavishya Puran Parv III:1,4,21-23. You only need to see the facts above, in order to ascertain the truth.

There are many other prophecies in the Hindu religion's Scriptures. For example, in the Sama Veda II:6,8 there is an explicit reference to the name "AHMAD". The translation is- "Ahmad acquired Shariah (religious law) from his Lord. This Shariah is full of wisdom. I receive light from him just as from the sun".

In the Veda, there are also descriptions of a 'House of God', these fit in exactly with the Kaaba at Mecca. For instance, in the 'Atharva Veda', X.2,31 it is written- "This abode of angels has eight circuits and nine gates. It is unconquerable, there is eternal life in it and it is resplendent with Divine Light".

Indeed the Kaaba has nine gates, and the eight circuits are the eight natural lines enclosing the areas, between the surrounding hills. In addition, the Kaaba, as all muslims know, is unconquerable- as the story of Abraha clearly shows.

In the Atharva Veda, X,2,32 it is written- "The Supreme Spirit worthy of adoration, lives in the house which is built upon three pillars and three wooden beams and is the centre of eternal life. Men of God know this well".

Again it is interesting to note that the Kaaba has three pillars and is the centre of the world. The Professor of Civil Engineering at Riyadh Unniversity, has shown that using scientific methods, it can be proved that Mecca lies in the centre of the World. But this is a side issue. The central issue of this section is that any impartial observer cannot deny the fact that the proof of the messengership of MUHAMMAD (p.b.u.h.) can be acquired even through the books of the Hindoos.

Whilst discussing the ancient Indian religion, this is an opportune moment to analyse the more modern Sikhism. The major figure of this religion was Nanak, who, it is reported was a friend of  a muslim Emperor. Apparantly, Nanak has not only performed the HAJJ, but has also said that there is no religion without proclaiming - "There is no God except Allah, and Muhammad is his Messenger". A closer inspection into the Scriptures of the Sikhs shows that some muslim poems are incorporated in their religious books. For example, the poems of Baba Farid, a Punjabi muslim, are to be found in the Sikhism scriptures. Many Sikhs regard their Scriptures as "God".