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Before going to describe the Muslim views about God, Human Beings and Other Religions, once again, the following facts are to be kept in mind.


Believers in Religion Non-Believers in Religion Atheists


A person always thinks that what he has understood or believed is right, and he/she always tries to impose his/her beliefs and views on ohers. This is the human nature in general.

However, to get to the truth, one has to be open-minded and apply logic and reasons to reach there. Why not consider for a while what the Muslims have to say! May be if you go through, you can find the truth as many have already found. However, if you do not wish to continue, at least you could read the stories of the returning (converted!) Muslims.
Please click on the following  link: Stories of Returning Muslims

An Important Note

As there are anomalies in Jewish and Christian religious teachings, and some of the earlier Rabbis and Priests were oppressors, many of the people in the West, generally, the Jews and Christians now do not believe in any God nor practice any religion. There are things in Christianity that one can not understand. Also, some in the West knowingly, and some un-knowingly makes the propaganda that Islam is a man-made religion and that its followers are fanatics and terrorists. The view of Islam in the Western countries is trained by the media's portrayal of Muslims as rebels, extremists and/or terrorists. In people's mind these strangely dressed people are only out to cause havoc and destruction, and war apeears to be their main goal. Therefore, the true picture of Islam and Muslims are never propagated in the West correctly.  Also, the present Muslims are not Good Examples to others. Most of the Muslim countries have, in one way or another, become puppet Governments of the West. They are forgetting the religious values of ISLAM and therefore are suffering from poverty and humiliation. They even do not practice Islam fully, nor shoulder the responsibility of propagating Islam, the True Religion, the Only Religion (Way of life) acceptable to Allah (the one and Unique True God) to others. Islam has answers to all the questions that one can relate to  including all the worldly affairs and also the spiritual affairs and the life hereafter, and the Western countries really need Islam to solve many of their problems.

Should you want to continue reading the Muslim beliefs, and also what mistakes the Jews and Christians have made and what the things are to follow, you are most welcome. May Allah, the One and Unique True God guide all of us to the whole Truth.

Muslim Beliefs
Muslims believe that all the prophets on earth were chosen by Allah, and they all were Muslims and their religion was Islam. Islam means complete submission of one's will and desire to the will of Allah, the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. A Muslim is he, who believes in Islam and acts according to its guidelines. They also believe that a child is born as a Muslim. It is the parents who later make them follow their faith (like they learn and speak the same language).


A MUSLIM is he who believes in ISLAM (Submit to the will of Allah) and acts according to its guidance. The following are the views of a Muslim about God, Human Beings and Other Religions.

1. The proper name of God is Allah, which means The one who is unique, Allah is one. He does not have sons or daughters.

2. Human beings are the best Creation of Allah. The first human being was Adam, who was created out of clay and he was the first male. Then Haowa (Eve) was created from one of the rib bones of Adam, and Haowa was the first female.

3. The guidance given to people by Allah is ISLAM and this is the only religion that is and would be acceptable to Allah.

4. Every Prophet and Messenger preached the same guidance to their people, which was ISLAm. Adam (PBUH) was the first Messenger of Allah and he also preached ISLAM..

5. The true followers of Moses were not called the Jews but the Muslims. Jews now follow Judaism, which was named after a tribe from a later generation of Bani-Israil or descendents of prophet Jacob (Yacub) (PBUH).

6. The true followers of Jesus (Isa) (PBUH) were not known as Christians, but as Muslims as they followed the same true religion ISLAM. Allah tells through Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that Jesus was not the son of GOD, and he was not crucified. Jesus was taken to heaven and will come back again on earth to declare the truth.

7. Muslims believe in all the past revelations to other Prophets and Messengers of Allah. By other revelations it is meant to be the original undistorted revelations, not the present Christian Bible and the Present Jewis Bible, as they have been distorted. The Gospel written by Barnabas, the most intelligent and educated disciple of Jesus, seems to be the true Gospel given to Jesus (PBUH). The Christians, however, is not ready to accept the truth contained in it.

8. Present Muslims do not believe in Trinity of the Christians. The Holy Ghost they consider is not a spirit in its literal sense, it is the spirit of truth, "The Prophet Muhammad". Jesus was not the LAST Messenger of Allah. He was sent to guide the lost sheep of Israel, the Bani-Israils, and he came to herald the Ingil (Gospel-which also means the Good News) or good news of coming of the Last and Great Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad.

9. The Jews do not believe in Jesus nor in Muhammad. They consider both of them as Imposters and False Prophets. They are still waiting for their Promised Messiah or Rescuer.

10. It is the duty of every Muslim to convey the message of  the True Religion ISLAM to everyone on earth, including the Jews and Christians as they are the PEOPLE OF THE BOOK. ISLAM does not allow compulsion to accept ISLAM, but it asks human beings to listen to what ISLAM says and to apply good reasoning about its message. It is then up to them whether to accept or reject ISLAM.

11. Allah sent Messengers to every nation on earth to warn them and guide them to the right path.  As the world has become a global village due to the rapid communication, God has made the guidance universal to man, which is known as Islam. God has perfected the religion (way of life) and sent it to people through the Promised  Prophet or Royal Messiah, Muhammad in Arabia. It is compulsory for everyone now to abandon all the other religions and accept the final revealation and follow it. Because this will remain  for ever till the dooms day is reached (as mentioned in the Bible-"He will not speak of himself, but whatever God Commands him to and He shall (his teachings!) remain with you for ever").

Human beings are the vicegerents or reperesntatives of Allah on earth. Muslims are lucky that they are born in a Muslim family and follow the true religion since their birth. However, it is a great pity that most of the Muslims, now a days, have become forgetful of their treasure ISLAM. They are not performing their duties properly and I am afraid, we MUSLIMS will be hold responsible in the life hereafter for our inaction. Many non-muslims will blame us then for not transmitting the message of islam to them.

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