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What is religion ?

In answer to this question most people would say that it is a faith or belief- leading human beings to worship a particular God or Lord. Perhaps, human beings are provided with an inherent instinct of worshipping their Creator or God. At present there are many such beliefs existing in the world. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Parsi (Zoroastrianism) are examples of these.

Now, the question arises, as to how these religions came into practices among different groups of people in the world. Before going to get an answer to this question, and discuss the issue of religion further, one must know some facts about God and His Creation. Should you want to continue follow the link: God and His Creation

Various links have been provided here for the reader to learn more about God, His Creation, Human Beings, Islam and Other Religions. I would like to request the learned readers to visit the following links, and  hope the readers will find them very interesting.

1. If you have visited the link "God and His Creation", by now you have known that God's proper name is Allah. Therefore, from now on, we should refer 'God'as'Allah'. To learn about Allah's guidance to mankind
follow the link: Allah's Guidance to Mankind

2. If you have already visited the link "Allah's Guidance to Mankind", by now you know that Allah's guidance to mankind was always and is ISLAM. If you want to learn more about Islam
follow the link: ISLAM

3. We have already come to learn that Allah sent Messengers on earth and gave guidance as to how to lead life on earth, and that Adam was the first Prophet and Messenger of Allah. At this point one may raise the isuue that "If the first man on earth was Adam and if he was given guidance by his Creator, as to how to lead life on earth, and if we are the grand descendents of Adam, then why so many other religions do exist and why they all are different !!
If you want to get an answer to this question
please follow the link: Why so many Religions?

4. Everyone should believe in ISLAM and MUHAMMAD.
To know why, follow the link: !! MUHAMMAD Foretold in all the Holy Scriptures !!

5.Do you want to know the general views of a Muslim towards God, Human Beings and Religions?
Then follow the link: Muslim Views

6. Do you want to know the Muslims' view about some of the other existing Religions and their Preachers? Then follow the following important and very interesting links:

7. Islam is everyone's birthright. To know why
follow the link:  Islam is Everyone's Birthright

8.  Now a days, some of the Jews, Christians and People from Other religions, who are looking for the truth, are returning to ISLAM rejecting their former faith. Do you want to read the True Stories of the Returning Muslims, as to why they returned to ISLAM? Then
follow the link: Stories of Returning Muslims

To summarise, in the words of the Prophet Muhammad: "Every person is born with the innate religious faith (to submit to Allah, the Almighty i.e. Islam)".  If the child were left alone, he would worship Allah in his own way, but all children are affected by those things around them, seen or unseen. The Prophet  Muhammad (PBUH) reported that Allah said, "I created my servants in the right religion but devils made them go astray". The Prophet (PBUH) also said, "Each child is born in a state of "Fitrah" (submit to the will of Allah), then his parents make him a Jew, Christian or a Zoroastrian, the way an animal gives birth to a normal offspring, Have you noticed any that  were born mutilated?"(Collected by Al-Bukhaaree and Muslim).

So, just as the child submits to the physical laws which Allah has put in nature, his soul also submits naturally to the fact that Allah is his Lord and Creator. But, his parents try to make him follow their own way and the child is not strong enough in the early stages of his life to resist or oppose the will of his parents. The religion which the child follows at this stage is one of custom and upbringing and Allah does not hold him to account or punish him for this religion. However, he has been asked to look for the true religion and apply the knowledge Allah has given to him, when he is able to think independently.

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